Herding Cats, Project Management …. same thing you say?

What’s the secret to project management? Multitasking, Meetings, Planning, Budgeting? Interested in learning how to increase productivity, lower stress and add dollars to the bottom line? It can be done.

The value of successfully leading projects and project teams, large and small, can’t be under estimated. Done well It can be worth millions of dollars to your company. Project Marketing Associates’ president Dave Oshlag will share how.

You’ll leave understanding the touch points of what it takes to successfully manage projects, along with a detailed reading list to help you continue building your knowledge base.

Dave Oshlag has been helping companies large and small stay organized and focus on successfully running marketing projects for more than 25 years. His specialty is being a strategic partner comfortable getting into the weeds when necessary without increasing overhead. He’s best known for market research, data analysis and getting marketing projects ramped up quickly.

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