Start your day with an inspiring presentation of consumer and B2B trends for 2018. Campos Inc’s trends team will talk innovation and get you thinking about trend-driven opportunities for your business.


Campos Inc is a research-driven strategy firm that specializes in developing daring brand and customer experience solutions that propel clients’ businesses forward.


Alice Greene CamposALICE GREENE
Vice President, Research Services
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Alice is responsible for trend watching research and innovation at Campos, and for developing the company’s Annual Trends Outlook report. She also heads Campos’s multi-disciplined team of market research and insights experts. Alice’s career has spanned secondary, qualitative and quantitative research, strategic account management, and client-centered, big-data solutions management.


Kate Murphy CamposKATE MURPHY
Research Manager

Kate leads Campos’s trend watching initiative, reporting regularly on the broad global and domestic shifts that can impact client product development and marketing strategy. Prior to joining Campos, Kate served as Deputy Managing Editor of The Nation, a weekly magazine based in New York. While there, she helped direct the day-to-day workflow of the magazine, oversaw fact-checking, and served as an editor on a wide range of pieces.



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