Want to get more involved with the American Marketing Association, Pittsburgh Chapter and continue to help grow the organization? Become a Committee Chair!

Overview and Expectations:

Committee Chairs play an integral leadership role within the AMA. They help ensure smooth execution of our events, partake in leadership activities, track and report on committee goals, and deliver overall membership value. Committee Chairs run their own monthly committee meetings and build their committees with additional volunteers for support. They typically spend 1-2 hours per week planning events in addition to attending their events. This reflects a volunteer commitment of approximately 4-8 hours per month.Upon receipt of your application, the 2018 President-Elect will review your information and may set up an in-person interview to discuss your qualifications.

Committee Chair Applications are being accepted until February 28, 2018. Apply below.

Application Form
Executive Director
Director, Program Marketing
Director, Special Events Marketing
Chair, Web Development
Chair, AMA Pittsburgh Blog
Chair, Social Media
Vice President
Director, Group Membership
Director, Member Acquisition
Volunteer, Membership Committee
Co-Chair, Membership Engagement and Experience
Co-Chair, Membership Engagement and Experience
Director, Hospitality & Members Only Events
Director, Volunteers
Director, Database & CRM Management
Director, CEA
Director, Job Referral
Co-Vice President, Programming
Director, Luncheon Presentations
Director, Luncheon Services
Co-Director, Registration
Co-Director, Registration
Chair, Coffee Connections – Downtown
Chair, Coffee Connections – South
Chair, Coffee Connections – East
Chair, Coffee Connections – West
Chair, Super Bowl Ad Review
Chair, Marketer of the Year