2017 Marketer of the Year Nomination Rules & Regulations

The American Marketing Association Pittsburgh’s Marketer of the Year is Western PA’s premiere results-based marketing competition. The following work is eligible for submission:

  1. Any marketing work that was created for a marketer based in Western
  2. Any that was created by a marketing/advertising agency based in Western

Each entry must include answers to the five judging criteria questions below. Responses must be electronically submitted with a maximum of three pages.

Judges score each entry according to the point system outlined below.* The entry with the highest total number of points in each category is the winner. Unless the work was done 100% by the organization’s internal marketing team, the partnering marketing/creative agency on the project must be identified.

1. Business Problem /Opportunity (10 points)
What was the basic problem to be solved or situation to be addressed by the marketing program? Highlight internal and external constraints.

2. Objectives (10 points)
What objectives were established to solve the problem or address the situation? Judges will assess points based on whether the objectives are sound, clear and measurable.

3. Strategy (20 points)
What was the strategy for achieving the objectives? Judges will assess points based on how well the strategy is defined, and how well it resolves the problem or situation being faced by the organization. Judges will also examine the organization’s selection of target market(s) and message positioning.

4. Tactics (20 points)
What individual tasks and/or promotional tools were used, e.g., web, digital and social media, traditional media- print, radio, television, outdoor or direct mail, public relations, etc.? Judges will assess points based on how well the tactics are defined and integrated and how appropriate the tactics relate to the strategy.

5. Results (40 points)
What were the results of this effort? Judges will score this section based on how effective the entry was in achieving the stated objectives and producing the results that solved the problem or addressed the situation. Because marketing is about results, this criterion will be weighted more heavily than the others. Therefore, a thorough description of the results is especially important to the overall score.

*Category winners must receive a threshold average score of 70 points or higher to win a category.
To win in a category where there are less than 4 different entries, an entry must have an equal or higher judged score than at least two other category winners.


Marketers of the Year will be selected by category. Based on total points, one of these winners will be deemed the 2017 Grand Marketer of the Year. First Runners-Up may also be recognized.

All winners will be honored at the Marketer of the Year Awards Ceremony.


Entry fees are as follows:

  1. AMA Members $75 per entry
  2. Non-Members $125 per entry


  1. Answer Judging Criteria Questions above**
  2. Fill-out electronic submissions form.
  3. Upload supporting
  4. Make payment for each entry via PayPal.
    AMA Member rate = $75 per entry
    Non-Member rate = $125 per entry

AMA prefers that entries entered electronically with credit card information entered via PayPal.

If you are unable to use the digital entry form (say a file is too large for upload), AMA has provided an option to deliver materials to a physical address. Even if delivering to the physical address, your entry information must be provided in a format that can be shared digitally with judges (zip drive, etc.). Please follow these instructions if delivering to a physical address:

  1. Answer Judging Criteria Questions above (provide this as a digital document).**
  2. Provide supporting materials in digital
  3. Include check payable to AMA Pittsburgh.
    AMA Member rate = $75 per entry
    Non-Member rate = $125 per entry
  4. Deliver entry or checks (make out to AMA Pittsburgh) to:
    H2R CPA
    Attn. Ed Scherer
    875 Greentree Road
    Seven Parkway Center
    Suite 1000
    Pittsburgh PA 15220

**You may include extra materials that will add dimension to your entry, including but not limited to: Advertising/direct marketing examples, URLs for web sites or digital materials, videos/multimedia. Multimedia must be submitted in a format that can easily be played on a PC or Mac.