Get a shortcut to reach western PA marketing decision-makers

Cost-effective, limited time offer let’s you “test out” AMA sponsorship

Are you a service provider to the marketing community? As an AMA Pittsburgh Sponsor, you can get your brand in front of almost 300 members who are many of the region’s most influential marketers. Our email reach is approximately 2,000 engaged regional professionals.

Sponsorship Reach

You’ll not only support the organization, you’ll be a part of our membership marketing community.

Your AMA Pittsburgh Sponsor benefits include:

  • Brand building – your business and you as a professional
  • Business building
  • Venue promotion (particularly venues that host business retreats/meetings)

Try It Now

For a limited time, you can “test out” sponsorship by becoming an Event Sponsor for one or both of our upcoming Big Brands In Your Backyard Series. Based on past Big Brands events, attendee numbers are expected to reach around 100 marketing professionals for each of these two events.

You can sponsor one for $750 or BOTH for $1000 – Here are the benefits you get:

  • Recognition at sponsored event, including ability to hold raffles (by collecting business cards)
  • Provide handouts or giveaways to event attendees
  • Blog opportunity in one PanorAMA e-send with link to sponsor’s website (reaches 2,000+). For example, give tip on reaching GenZ and then link to relevant work/case history on web.
  • Sponsor word listing with link in sponsor section in all e-sends promoting the event.
  • Feature package in AMA social properties – 2 tweets, 2 LinkedIn posts, 2 Facebook posts – all with live links to landing page chosen by WTW
  • Free admission for 2 guests at event (speakers are also free).

If you like what you’re getting, you can apply the Event Sponsorship amount to your annual sponsorship – Fill out the form below, or for faster action call Mike Tierno, AMA Pittsburgh VP Sponsorship at 412-480-8432.

Please contact me to discuss a custom sponsorship opportunity.

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