After her design education and work experience in NYC, Andrea’s dream of founding her own design studio, Andrea Grieco Design, was actualized in 2003. It’s mission: to provide exceptional — yet personal — branding, print and digital design services for corporations, creative agencies and non-profit organizations. She enjoys being part of their creative processes and strives to consistently provide results-driven, creative solutions.
Andrea is honored to serve as the VP of Graphic Design on the Board of Directors of the American Marketing Association Pittsburgh. She also enjoys volunteering for her local dog shelter and animal advocate group, as well as providing design services to a local quilting organization.
When she’s not working or volunteering, Andrea enjoys working out in the pool, crocheting a cozy accessory, feasting on a culinary creation of her husband’s (a classically trained chef), and being entertained by the antics of their adopted pup, Roxy.

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