Meet Jenny Altman!

Jenny is the Co-VP of Communications for the AMA Pittsburgh Chapter, serving on the board as a volunteer. She has been an official member of the AMA for the past year but has been attending networking events for several years. Jenny is responsible for ensuring that our chapter’s various communication channels are reaching and engaging with members, and prospective new members, in a meaningful way. She has played an integral role in recruiting and activating a rock solid communications committee from the ground-up, creating strategic direction and other foundational elements of our chapter’s communications to ensure future success.

Without her AMAzing communication, recruitment and leadership skills, the AMA Pittsburgh Chapter wouldn’t be half of what it is today!

In her full-time career, Jenny is a Vice President and Internal Communications Manager for PNC’s retail banking division. Jenny’s career has taken a few turns, beginning in fashion sales then entertainment and lifestyle public relations in New York City. Upon moving back to her hometown in Pittsburgh, she began her journey at PNC where she’s been for seven years, first in media relations, then digital content management, before pivoting to her current role. She appreciates that her latest role taps into her communications roots but also allows her to flex her product management muscles on the technology front as well as grow her leadership skills managing a larger team.

The biggest benefit the AMA has provided Jenny is it has allowed her to expand her professional network in Pittsburgh outside of PNC, and continue to educate herself on hot topics in the industry.

“It is my goal to continue honing my skills to become a top-notch and versatile communicator in our region, and I feel AMA is a key part of my journey to that end.”

Three words to describe Jenny are:

  1. Authentic
  2. Passionate
  3. Resilient

The best advice Jenny ever received: “Always stay true to yourself”

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